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Tour & Photo Pricing

Dream Home Video Tours offers a variety of video and photo production services to meet your specific marketing needs.  Our Video Tour Menu includes two popular choices for your real estate video tours, the Long-Form and the Short-Form.  In each category, you start your selection with the un-branded, MLS-Ready, video tour and add enhancement options as desired.

Dream Home Real Estate Video Tour Pricing

The Long-Form and Short-Form Video Tours are both the same price and they are out there working for you 24 hours a day until the home is SOLD!

       Unbranded (MLS-ready) version ..................... $150  (one-time cost.  No monthly fees!)

       Add an additional agent Branded version .......... $50
      Add Narration and/or graphics .........................  $50  (includes both versions if ordered)
      Add Yard Sign w/ QR Code (see photo below) .......  $25

Elevated Exterior Photos Prices

      Hi-Quality Elevated Photos of the exterior of the property................$75

2 or more properties filmed in sequence.........only $60 per property
       Elevated Photos with any video tour...............only $50

All video tours include:
  • Filming on location in broadcast-quality, high definition video
  • Professional editing
  • Royalty-free background music
  • Encoded for compatibility on all computers and mobile devices
  • QR Code for your print and online ads
  • Upload to our You Tube Channel for linking to your listings and other sites you use (MLS, Realtor.com, Facebook, Zillow, Trulia, etc.).  

Long-Form "MLS-Ready" Video Tour example
(with narration and graphics enhancement options)

The Long-Form Video Tour is between 4-6 minutes in length and provides a slow, detailed trip around and through the home. This tour is recommended for larger homes and when posting to social networking sites or directly to an agents listings.  This is also the best option if you are a For Sale By Owner.

Short-Form "MLS-Ready" Video Tour example
(no enhancement options)

The Short-Form Video Tour is between 2-3 minutes in length and gives a faster trip through the house while still showing the flow and connection of the spaces.  This is a good option if you tend to pre-qualify houses using the MLS with your clients.  It let's them tour the house quickly and move on to the next one.

The Metal yard sign
promotes your Video Tour to buyers driving by and displays the QR Code so they can take your Video Tour on their mobile device right there in front of the house!

For Larger Homes  (Properties 4,500 - 5,999 square feet) - Add $50

For Seriously Large Homes  (6,000 square feet and larger) - Call for better options

*In the Columbia Basin, CALL 948-1850 to schedule your Video Tour
or for more information*
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