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​Dream Home Video Tours

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Larry Kuga, a military veteran and engineer, is the owner of Dream Home Services,LL.  He has been producing video for over 20 years and has won two national awards for his work.  The good Lord blesses him with seemingly endless energy and a positive, solutions-oriented personality as well.  You will enjoy working with him.


Company Profile

meet the dream home Team

​​​​Dream Home Video Tours & Real Estate Photography is a significant division of Dream Home Services, LLC located in Richland, WA.  Dream Home Services, LLC is also the High-Tech, Home Inspection company that has re-defined the way home inspectors look at real estate here in Eastern Washington.  Visit our Home Inspection website 


We bring excellence to real estate imaging.

We are a full-time, professional real estate imaging company.

Real estate is all we shoot!


Jackie is our guest photographer with a keen eye and quick wit.  She also does food photography that will make your mouth drool. 


Trent does photo and video editing.  He doesn't like to have his picture taken, so here is a nice shot of my dog, Lolli instead.  She is in the office all day too.


Stephanie, is likely the person who will answer the phone when you call.  She handles the scheduling and is the graphics genius who does much of the video and photo editing.  She also makes sure Larry remembers to eat lunch each day!

Tri Cities, WA